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BookNook’s app helps schools and organizations provide powerful reading instruction. Our intuitive platform can be used by any educator, volunteer, or near peer to get great results.

BookNook Makes Better Readers!


of students ended the school year closer to grade level than when they started.


of students caught up to grade level by the end of the school year


of students showed significant improvement


of students improved their oral reading fluency


of students showed greater confidence when reading


of students became more engaged readers

*Average BookNook student began 1 reading grade level behind.

  • Working with BookNook has been an enjoyable learning experience for the students, and it's a rewarding feeling when I walk down the halls and students come up to say hello, or they ask if I could read with them — you start to feel like a literacy celebrity! The tablets and curriculum were easy for the other tutors and me to use, and the students became experts at using them after a few sessions.
    Maica Porcadas
    Reading Guide
  • I feel so lucky to have partnered with BookNook. They do whatever it takes to raise student achievement and get kids excited about reading. Their approach is amazingly flexible and easy to implement so we can have structured one-on-one instruction taking place anywhere and everywhere at our school!
    Sara Shenkan-Rich
    Principal, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
  • After just a few months using BookNook, nearly all of our students are showing major gains in their benchmark reading levels. Students are more confident when they pick up a book and are have a renewed love of reading that is a delight to see!
    Christine Hatcher
    Principal, Riverside Elementary School