As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, BookNook has officially announced the first in what will be a series of actions, starting with a shift to what we are calling ‘equity-based pricing’.
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Rigorous Distance Learning &
In-Person Solutions for Live Reading Interventions

5 Things You’ll Love about BookNook


Scaffolded lessons help students at all reading levels improve quickly


Unique technology allows students to work with a teacher at a distance through BookNook


Adults work directly with a group of students on each lesson – no headphones!


Based on 30 years of research into what works for students


Designed with tight school and nonprofit budgets in mind

How Does BookNook Work?

BookNook is designed with flexibility in mind and can be used on any device and in virtually any instructional context: one-on-one, small group, or whole classroom.

For emerging readers, BookNook supports small group teaching time centered around phonics, oral reading fluency, and dialogic reading. For those new to teaching reading, we provide scaffolding and coaching to ensure success.

BookNook can be used for whole classroom ELA time or for small groups who are visiting a center or being pulled aside for guided reading or intervention. Students can work in independent groups or can be led by a teacher, paraprofessional, after-school staffer, or volunteer.

For older students who need additional time to master foundational reading skills, BookNook is a powerful intervention that adapts to students’ individual needs and moves them quickly through earlier grade level standards.

We provide special scaffolding and additional content for Dual Language Learners, helping support clearer instructional communication so students can both master English reading skills and also strengthen their Spanish vocabulary and fluency.







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