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About BookNook

BookNook is revolutionizing the way educators teach K-5 students how to read with engaging and collaborative technology. Our reading intervention app is easy to use, research-based and mapped to the most rigorous standards. We’ve completely changed the way that educators, volunteers, and near peers address reading intervention for students. 

Dual Bottom Line

Because our company has a dual bottom line, BookNook is equally committed to student success as well as responsible business growth. Simply put, we are always thinking about ways to help students achieve their reading goals.

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Girl reading with BookNook

Adaptive & Researched Based

BookNook automatically decides the most ideal lesson students should be working on. In addition, our reading intervention app has 500 lessons mapped to over 100 literacy standards. All of the lessons are correlated to F&P reading levels (about 4-5 standards per level). As a student masters each standard, BookNook will recommend a lesson that works on the next standard. Students will be moved up to the next level automatically, once they master all standards for the reading level they start on.

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Engaging & Fun

Students love us because our intuitive platform engages them during the entire learning process. We have also placed graphics and games strategically to capture students’ attention as they navigate through each reading lesson. One of our partners told us that “BookNook was more popular than dodgeball!”

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Collaborative & Easy-to-use

Educators love us because we’ve created a unique way for students to collaborate and succeed together. For example you can sign up to 30 students per lesson and our adaptive technology matches them together in groups based on the standards each individual needs to work on. Students then work together on the lesson while the guide can monitor progress and will be alerted if anyone needs specific attention.

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