Though the leaves aren’t changing in our Headquarters city of Oakland, CA, our team members in Maine, Baltimore, and New Jersey are experiencing the pinnacle of fall foliage. We’re seeing so many students already make progress with BookNook as they complete sessions, master standards, and move up their reading levels.

However, we wanted to take a quick look back at this summer, because during the summer, oftentimes students actually go backwards in their reading level, and experience what’s called summer learning loss or “summer slide.” Because of lack of practice and exposure to their daily instruction, students start forgetting what it is they were supposed to be working on and learning.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of summer programs and camps that spend time working with students to reinforce what they’ve learned throughout the previous school year and stop that slide. Most of the time, if students just don’t decrease in their reading/math levels, that is a win.

At BookNook we love partnering with these kinds of organizations, whether it’s the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, Young Audiences in Baltimore, or the Kansas Reading Roadmap. During these programs, students use BookNook with adults and work through our rigorous reading lessons in a collaborative format. While using the program, students are also working with adults on our Leveling product, that shows progress gains through reading levels.

We were able to pull this data and show that over the summer, BookNook students gained an average of 1.06 reading levels. What’s amazing is that typically, during the summer, students lose an average of 1.5 levels, so with BookNook, they’re able to really challenge students to increase their reading level.

Breaking down the data more, we saw that 57% of students increased their reading level, and virtually all of them at least stayed the same. This is a huge win for those students as the head back into the school year.

As a dual-bottom line business, BookNook is committed not just to producing a profit, but equally committed to student success. Many of our goals here that we set internally have to do with student usage and progress, so this is amazing to see. Further, since we topped last year’s results with regard to the number of students improving, we’re even more excited. We strive to see growth in this area for next year as our product and our implementations of BookNook get better and reach farther.

If you want to check out BookNook for your summer program, head over to our demo page to request some time with our partnerships team to see how it could work for you.