Reading is an issue that many communities are grappling with at the statewide level; in the past 5 years, 36 states have adopted legislative or funding programs specifically targeting improvement in early reading.


We’re very excited to be part of a unique and innovative approach by the state of Kansas called the Reading Roadmap, a collaboration between the Department of Education and Department for Children and Families that takes a very bottom-up approach to school support, and focuses on close alignment between what happens inside and outside the classroom. 

Implementing with a state-level partner is a first for us—so far BookNook has worked mostly at the school and school district level. We’re humbled to be trusted with an undertaking of this scope and importance, and looking forward to learning a lot from this experience.

We’ll continue to share more about this exciting partnership as the school year progresses with our community here on the BookNook Blog.

Find out more about how BookNook is working with Kansas’ Statewide Blended Learning Initiative.