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BookNook has partnered with 30+ local Boys and Girls Clubs in 13 metros to provide rigorous reading help that any BGC Staff member can administer, regardless of their education background

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Whether it’s adding structured reading time to power hour, or building a brand new program to dramatically increase reading ability for students, BookNook was designed for organizations that do not have many, or even any trained educators. Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States are using BookNook to provide rigorous reading help to their students without adding educators to their staff.

The program is aligned to state standards, meaning it works with the same curriculum students are seeing in school. And, it’s all delivered through an easy-to-use app that takes little to no time to learn.


Success Highlights:

  • This past summer, 95% of students using BookNook for which we have data maintained or improved their reading scores.

  • A third party study demonstrated BookNook students tested 1.2 standardized deviations above their peers on standardized testing.

  • Another third party study showed students increasing reading skill 50% faster when they used BookNook to fidelity

Here’s what our partners have to say about BookNook:

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