March Reading Madness

Get ready for March Reading Madness! Win Books for your school or site!

We’re excited to announce the return of BookNook’s March Reading Madness from Monday, March 4 – Friday, March 29! It’s as simple as using BookNook with your students to win books. Like with our other contests, there’s two ways to participate and we’ll have two winners, which gives each BookNook site a better chance to win books for students.

The categories for winning are:

  1. Site with the most overall number of sessions
  2. Most sessions per enrolled student

The winners will be announced in early April.

How do you get started? Keep using BookNook!

Strategies to increase usage:

  • Recruit other reading guides at your school or site to use BookNook. Show them how to use it or have them access our online training course at BookNook University (click to visit)
  • Enroll more students in BookNook using classroom or guided sessions
  • Use our 5 minute or less leveling tool with students throughout the week (1:1)
  • Increase to 3 or more sessions per week

Leaderboards: Updated Each Monday(last update: 3/18, Noon ET)

Most Sessions:

  1. Boys and Girls Club Nantucket
  2. King Elementary
  3. Hoover
  4. Southwest Baltimore Charter School
  5. Boys and Girls Club Kips Bay: Coudert
  6. San Pedro
  7. Frick Impact Academy
  8. Horace Cureton
  9. Caillet

Most Sessions Per Enrolled Student:

  1. Madison-Carver Academy
  2. Humboldt
  3. Elk Valley Elementary
  4. West Bourbon
  5. Fairfield Elementary
  6. Meadow View Elementary
  7. Woodland Elementary East
  8. Riley Elementary
  9. Northview Elementary
  10. Gertrude Walker Elementary