BookNook is on a mission to revolutionize the way that students improve their reading skills during school, after school, and even during summer.

How it Works

1. Bring your Devices

Chromebooks, Tablets, iPads, Laptops – they all work with BookNook!

2. Select Your Students

Depending on the version of BookNook, you can have up to 20 students per adult or near peer guide.

3. Start Learning!

The adult or near peer guide can now walk students through reading instruction in a small-group setting.


Works on Any Device

Chromebooks, Tablets, iPads, Laptops – we’ve designed BookNook to work on any device.

One-on-One or Group Learning

From 1:1 intervention with your highest-need students to classroom reading instruction, BookNook can be scaled up or down based on your needs

Adaptive Learning

As a student increases their reading level, BookNook will continue to challenge them with harder texts.

Use Cases

BookNook is a versatile reading product that works in a variety of situations. Here’s a few ways that our partners are using it:


BookNook Intervention (Grades K-8) is an adaptive curriculum that uses student leveling and performance data to facilitate one-on-one and small group instruction for students who having a hard time with reading, generally in Tier II and Tier III.  Text and curriculum are seamlessly woven together and easy for anyone to sit down and use with no preparation, whether a teacher, paraprofessional, or even a volunteer.

Unlike most technology-enabled interventions, BookNook is designed for knee-to-knee usage in small groups or one-on-one. Students work together collaboratively and talk out loud with each other, while the BookNook platform guides them through rigorous and adaptive activities that help them overcome specific challenges with their reading.

Guided Reading

BookNook Guided Reading (Grades 2-8) is a tool for classroom instruction that supports students teamed up in independent small groups while they work on reading comprehension and vocabulary.  It can be used for core classroom instruction while students practice specific standards, during independent reading time, or even as a Tier I intervention.

By syncing devices together, BookNook ensures that students stay on task while they work independently and our fun and fast-paced activities keep them engaged and excited about learning.  Teachers get real time information about what students are working on so they can move from group to group to provide guidance, and when the exercise is done detailed reporting will help them understand where students have achieved mastery and where they need more practice.

After School

BookNook After-School (Grades K-8) gives providers the ability to facilitate structured reading time that is personalized for each student’s needs, whether reading independently in large groups of 20 or more or working in a tutoring or homework help context in a smaller group.  Progress monitoring tools make it easy to adapt texts and activities to where students are in track and report on student gains.

Professional Development

BookNook Professional Development is a unique learning-by-doing approach to helping teachers and paraprofessionals master dialogic reading, guided reading, and intervention.  Rather than sit through a seminar, BookNook enables users to roll up their sleeves and get right to work with students using a highly scaffolded experience that helps both new and experienced educators develop comfort with effective techniques for reading instruction.


BookNook Summer (Grades K-5) is a unique program specifically designed for summer school or for nonprofits operating summer day programs.  Providers can easily determine where students are in their reading development and get instant prompts with activities to help students maintain or advance their reading skills.  All of our content is in the cloud, so students can continue their reading activities at home or in community-based settings.

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