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Guided Reading & Intervention

1 adult or near-peer guide with up to 6 students

  • Vocabulary


    We designed vocabulary with engaging elements that reinforce words found in each book. Vocabulary lessons are tied to comprehension lessons – each word will be seen by the student in the text they are about to read. Here’s what a lesson looks like:

    1. Vocabulary words & definitions appear on screen with images and audio available
    2. Student will type each vocabulary word
    3. Matching activity
    4. Words & Birds Game
    5. Questions with definitions to check for understanding

  • Comprehension


    After working through vocabulary words, students will then read a short book and work on their reading comprehension. Then the students will play games that reinforce their understanding of the text. Here’s what a comprehension lesson looks like:

    1. Book Read with embedded talking points
    2. Comprehension game – Feed the Animals
    3. Questions at the end to check for understanding



  • Fluency


    Fluency operates as a standalone lesson, so you can focus on it with your group separately from reading a book. Students will work on 1 fluency standard per reading level. Here’s how a Fluency lesson goes:

    1. Learn the 3 components of fluency with the component, what it means, and audio
    2. Guide (or recorded audio) reads a passage modeling excellent pace, accuracy, and expression
    3. “What’s Wrong” game where guide (or recorded audio) reads a passage modeling errors in each fluency component (one by one), and the student selects which component was incorrect
    4. Fluency read to check for understanding and improvement in student’s fluency


1 adult guide to up to 4 emerging readers

We’ve applied our adaptive technology to a completely separate set of emerging reader lessons that has been designed specifically for early readers.

Students will be taken through Phonics & Phonemic Awareness lessons targeted at each student’s needs. The lessons have audio and images to help students associate the words they are learning with what they already know.

Classroom & Large Group

1 adult guide to up to 30 students

Great for classroom usage and after school programs!

We’ve created a unique way for students to collaborate and succeed together. Sign in up to 30 students per lesson and our adaptive technology matches them together in groups based on the standards each individual needs to work on.

Students then work together on the reading lesson while the guide can monitor progress and will be alerted if anyone needs specific attention.

Adaptive Technology

Every time a student uses BookNook, our system automatically decides the most ideal lesson they should be working on. We have 500 lessons mapped to over 100 literacy standards that are correlated to F&P reading levels (about 4-5 standards per level).

As a student masters each standard, BookNook will recommend a lesson that works on the next standard. Once all standards for the reading level are mastered, the student will be moved up to the next level automatically.

Pricing Options

We have several flexible pricing options for schools and organizations. Please request a quote and one of our team members will get back to you with more information.

Individual Pricing

Pick what you need

Pick from the following products and have our team work with you on a custom quote to design it around your school or organization:

  • Guided Reading
  • K-1
  • Classroom/Large Group

Total School

The Whole Package

Our most popular package, get unlimited access to all of BookNook with all of your students at your school.

This is also great for districts looking to buy for multiple schools, as discounts are offered for multiple school contracts.

After School

For our Non-Profit Partners

We know there are unique needs for after-school programs, so we designed a special package just for you. If you’re looking to implement reading software in your after school program, this is for you.

See it in Action!

Have our team show you how BookNook can help each one of your students become an excellent reader.

Our team will show you:

  • How to use the app with students, teachers, after school programs, and/or near peers
  • How BookNook will consistently increase students’ reading skill level
  • How BookNook’s team will train and onboard each site
  • Pricing and other information

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