Make Reading Time Count

BookNook helps you meet every student’s individual needs without having kids isolated on screens. Knee-to-knee learning is the best thing for young readers’ development and we make it both easy and effective.


Access it Anywhere

BookNook lives in the cloud, so sessions can be run at school, in a community-based setting, or at home.

Use Any Device

If it can run a Chrome or Safari brower, your device can run BookNook. You can even have groups using different kinds of devices working together.

Know Your Data is Secure

BookNook is both FERPA and COPPA compliant and a signatory to the Student Data Privacy Pledge. We go to great lengths to respect and protect the privacy of your students’ data.

Align to Standards

Every instructional component of BookNook is directly linked to a state content standard, and our content library is organized around standards to make it easy to navigate.

Get Actionable Data

Instead of giving you abstract numbers and arcane graphs, BookNook provides simple and useful reporting that tell you what skills students have mastered and where they need more practice.

Walk Through a BookNook Session

Anyone can be a BookNook Reading Guide, whether or not you have a teaching background. See how our scaffolds and decision-making supports help with the planning and teaching process for both small groups and whole classrooms.

Small Group

Small Group sessions that support 2-6 students with a dedicated Reading Guide

Classroom Session

Sessions that support up to 30 total students, with 1 adult working throughout the groups



As students log in on their devices they appear on the Guide’s dashboard and can easily be added to the group.

While students play ‘fidget fighter’ games, BookNook helps the Reading Guide make smart, personalized decisions about the book and activity combination for the group.

With lots of scaffolding from BookNook, the Reading Guide leads the group through a standards-aligned lesson that touches an identified need area

Every BookNook lesson has scaffolding around a text that the group will read and discuss together.

Gamified checks of understanding help BookNook identify what students have mastered and where they need more practice



Signing up to 30 students in a classroom or large group setting is easy – either pick your students or select a previous day’s list.

BookNook automatically groups each student based on their reading level and selects a lesson that fits the standards the students need to work on.

The students will work together in small groups while the instructor’s screen shows what each student is working on.

Basis in Research

BookNook is based on decades of research into the most effective teaching techniques for reading instruction and intervention. Every aspect of how we approach learning is informed by proven best practices and vetted by expert researchers and practitioners.

Our phonics program balances instruction on letter/sound relationships with practical application grounded in text and periodic sight word practice. We use dialogic reading and embedded discussion questions to also support early comprehension development while students read.

Reading with prosody is a critical part of literacy development that only a knee-to-knee program like BookNook can address. We provide structures and prompts for modeling expression, phrasing, and accuracy, games for identifying dysfluent reading, and out-loud practice opportunities for students.

Both our English and Spanish Dual Language Learner programs place a heavy emphasis on vocabulary, particularly Tier II and Tier III words. Students will familiarize themselves with new vocabulary through written, audio, and graphic prompts and play games together to practice and check understanding.

We teach comprehension at every stage of reading development, with an authentic-text based approach that ensures not just that students are understanding what they read but that they can successfully apply standards-aligned comprehension skills to both informational and narrative texts.

Supported Standards

• Common Core State Standards
• Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
• Texas Pre-K Guidelines
• Tennessee Academic Standards
• Texas Pre-K Guidelines
• New Jersey Student Learning Standards
• Florida State Learning Standards

See BookNook in Action

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