What Makes BookNook Different?


Students collaborate to read and learn together


Scaffolded learning supports both teachers & non-teachers


Engaging games & activities makes BookNook sessions fun


Priced to work with tight school and nonprofit budgets

BookNook helps you meet every student’s individual needs without having kids isolated on screens. We make knee-to-knee learnning both easy and effective because it is the best way develop young readers.

Inside a BookNook Session

Anyone can be a BookNook Reading Guide, whether or not you have a teaching background. See how our scaffolds and decision-making supports help with the planning and teaching process for both small groups and whole classrooms.

Small Group

Small Group sessions typically support 2-6 students with a dedicated Reading Guide.

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Classroom sessions support 25-30 students, where students of similar reading levels collaborate in small groups.

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Key Features

Access it Anywhere

BookNook lives in the cloud, so sessions can be run at school, in a community-based setting, or at home.

Aligns to Standards

Every instructional component of BookNook is directly linked to a state content standard, and our content library is organized around standards to make it easy to navigate.

Use any Device

If it can run a Chrome or Safari brower, your device can run BookNook. You can even have groups using different kinds of devices working together.

Know Your Data is Secure

BookNook is both FERPA and COPPA compliant and a signatory to the Student Data Privacy Pledge. We go to great lengths to respect and protect the privacy of your students’ data.

Get Actionable Data

Instead of giving you abstract numbers and arcane graphs, BookNook provides simple and useful reporting that tell you what skills students have mastered and where they need more practice.

Supported Standards

• Common Core
• Alaska Standards
• AZ ELA Standards
• Content Area Standards
• Course of Study
• Florida State Standards
• Indiana Academic Standards
• Missouri Learning Standards
• NC Extended Content Standards
• New Jersey Student Learning Standards
• Oklahoma Academic Standards
• South Carolina State standards
• TEKs
• Tennessee Academic Standards
• Utah Core Standards
• Virginia Standards of Learning

Let’s Work Together

Find out the many different ways that BookNook can help your school or organization with our personalized reading program!

See how BookNook can increase reading gains by 2.4x

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