BookNook is used daily on a variety of devices in schools, summer programs, after school, and other educational environments to improve students’ reading ability.

With almost no training, any adult or near peer can help students increase their reading skill with BookNook.


  • Leveling


    Following research-based standards, we present a student with a passage of text. By listening to a student read for just 15 minutes and recording some simple observations, even someone with no experience teaching reading can get an accurate read on where the student is in his or her development.

  • Tutoring/Intervention


    BookNook has developed adaptive curriculum that uses student leveling and performance data to facilitate one-on-one and small group instruction for students who having a hard time with reading, generally in Tier II and Tier III.  Text and curriculum are seamlessly woven together and easy for anyone to sit down and use with no preparation, whether a teacher, paraprofessional, or even a volunteer.

  • 4 Students per Guide

    4 Students per Guide

    The BookNook app supports up to 4 students per adult or near-peer guide. This allows you to scale your resources across your student population.

  • Cross-Platform


    BookNook works on any browser and any device, and we have native apps for Chromebooks and iPads. BookNook will download content and lessons through your existing WiFi connection and empower anyone, regardless of skill, to help students with their reading.

  • Diverse Content

    Diverse Content

    We work with multiple content parters to provide engaging texts that serve a wide variety of reading levels and areas of interest. Content is consistently being updated to keep everything fresh.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development

    BookNook’s PD is a unique learning-by-doing approach to helping teachers and paraprofessionals master dialogic reading, guided reading, and intervention.  Rather than sit through a seminar, BookNook enables users to roll up their sleeves and get right to work with students using a highly scaffolded experience that helps both new and experienced educators develop comfort with effective techniques for reading instruction.

Use Cases

Because of the simplicity and flexibility of our app, BookNook is used in a variety of different ways and environments. From out of class reading instruction, to summer programing, to hallway intervention, BookNook can be used all over Schools and after-school programs

In-School Intervention
When a student is struggling to read, BookNook can be used by one guide with up to four students with almost no training.

Reading Level Evaluation
With BookNook’s leveling feature, you can evaluate reading levels of any student you would like at any time. Further, you are able to track students’ individual progress as they increase their reading level.

Before- and After-School Reading Programs
Using BookNook during a before- or after-school reading program can drastically increase the scale of your program – with our 1 guide to up to 4 student model, less volunteers or staff members are needed per student.

Summer Programming
BookNook’s unique program specifically designed for summer school or for nonprofits operating summer day programs. Providers can easily determine where students are in their reading development and get instant access to high quality reading instruction.

And more! See how your use case can fit in – Get a Demo to find out.