We believe that every student has the potential to be an excellent reader.

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We’ve applied our adaptive technology to a completely separate set of emerging reader lessons that has been designed specifically for early readers. Students will be taken through Phonics & Phonemic Awareness lessons targeted at each student’s needs. The lessons have audio and images to help students associate the words they are learning with what they already know.


We designed vocabulary with engaging elements that reinforce words found in each book. Vocabulary lessons are tied to comprehension lessons – each word will be seen by the student in the text they are about to read.



After working through vocabulary words, students will then read a short book and work on their reading comprehension. Then the students will play games that reinforce their understanding of the text


Fluency operates as a standalone lesson, so you can focus on it with your group separately from reading a book. Students will work on 1 fluency standard per reading level.