Shelby County Schools Online Literacy Program

Through a partnership with Methodist Healthcare & the Urban Child Institute, we are offering BookNook to select Shelby County Schools sites the 2020-2021 School Year!

Slides from the Webinar Presentation

How it works…

– Staff use the BookNook app to work with students in 1-1 or small group sessions to develop literacy skills.

– App Reading Guides can be teachers, paraprofessionals, or volunteers.

– Devices pair for synchronous learning remotely or in-person.

– BookNook will run on SCS provided devices.

– Lessons take 30 minutes.

What will be expected of your school…

– Identify the population of students at your site that will participate in the program.

– Identify a program champion. This could be an administrator or staff member that will have regular oversight of the day-to-day functions.

– Identify building and/or volunteer support to implement the program.

– Communicate opportunity to families. 

– Strategize and coordinate scheduling of services with families and staff.

– Attend regularly scheduled check-ins with BookNook support staff and SCS Office of Academics team to review program progress.

– Support fidelity usage of the program, ensuring students attend minimum number of sessions.


What you can expect…

–  Full staff and support training on the BookNook literacy platform. This will include administrator training, student profile alignment, and implementation training.

– Monthly check-ins with BookNook support team to review data and best practices.

– Continuous BookNook tech support for all users.

– SCS FACE department will help coordinate additional volunteer support.


Our Partners say…

I enjoyed the structure of the program, the flexibility for teachers to change lessons at their discretion, and for the opportunity for interaction with the students. It had a wide variety of books on many different skill levels and I think it will be helpful to the students as they prepare for virtual learning in the fall.

Leandra Morgan

Elementary School Teacher, Shelby County Schools


What I loved most about BookNook is its user-friendly interface for teachers and students. There was no guesswork, as I did not have to worry whether our On-site or Remote Learning Guides time used wisely. The lessons kept both the guides and students engaged.

Keondralayer Estell

Reading Program Developer, AmeriCorps Vista


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