Continuing High Quality, Free, Remote, 1-on-1 Reading Tutoring for K-8th Students in San Francisco

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Sign up to receive high quality, highly effective free tutoring from a professional tutor starting in October and ending in February! Applications are due October 4th.

  • Your child will get personalized 1-to-1 tutoring with only your child and the tutor for 12 weeks, 30 minutes each day, two times a week.
  • To be eligible for students that are at home with their family from 5-7pm Monday-Thursday.
  • If you child is participating in an after school program they cannot be a part of this program. 
  • You also need to have a computer and internet access at home.
  • You need to sign up with the exact same email address you used for the spring program. This program is only available to students who participated in the spring 2021 program.
  • Younger siblings with the same parent/guardian can join.
  • DATES:

  • Registration (say interested): 10/4/21

  • Scheduling (pick times): 10/15/21

  • First day of classes: 10/25

Date Week Number
10/25 1
11/1 2
11/8 3
11/15 4
11/22 No tutoring this week – Fall Break
11/29 5
12/6 6
12/13 7
12/20 No tutoring this week – Winter Break
12/27 No tutoring this week – Winter Break
1/3 8
1/10 9
1/17 No tutoring this week – MLK
1/24 10
1/31 No tutoring this week – Lunar New Year
2/7 11
2/14 12


What’s BookNook and how can it help?

• BookNook is an online learning program that schools and after-school programs use to provide highly effective reading instruction for students in grades K-8
• BookNook has instruction in both English and Spanish
• We partner with tutors from across the country to provide one-on-one group guided reading

What will this remote tutoring look like?

• Tutors will log into a Video Conferencing Platform, Zoom.
• Students will log into this private Zoom meeting with their tutors
• Tutors and students will go through the online BookNook Lesson together over the video conferencing application

**Please note that due to high demand, this is a first-come, first-served program. It may take up to a few weeks for us to match you with an organization that has available tutors.

If you have any questions, please reach out to at

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