Remote Literacy Tutoring for K-8

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Students work remotely with a teacher



Scaffolded learning supports both teachers & non-teachers

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Engaging games & activities make BookNook sessions fun



Priced to work with tight school and nonprofit budgets

High-dosage tutoring is universally acknowledged as a proven solution to help students who are struggling with reading. Through our partner’s network of thousands of experienced remote reading tutors, BookNook offers a comprehensive turnkey solution for school districts and nonprofits who want to quickly bring much-needed online support for students.

BookNook can provide evidence-based, high-impact tutoring for students at scale, and within a reasonable budget.

Rigorous, Effective, and Loved by Schools



During our summer 2020 pilot, students showed an average of 6 months of reading skill gains after just 6 weeks of tutoring.


74% of parents and guardians rate the experience with this program a 10 out of 10. Our average satisfaction score among families is 8.9.

Tutoring Partners

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Enlisting Top Tutors

Our partners in deliver BookNook Remote Tutoring with a pool of thousands of online teachers. We attract and carefully vet top tutors from across the globe.

All tutors have:

  • At least 1 year of teaching experience, including online teaching experience
  • A bachelor’s degree or above
  • Expert online classroom management skills
  • Completed a background check
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  • 24, 36, 48, and 60 Session Packages
  • One-On-One or Small Groups of up to 4
  • School Day or After-School
  • Summer or School Year


Who are the tutors?

Tutors come from across North America, and all tutors have at least 1 year of teaching experience, including online teaching experience.

How many students can BookNook tutor in a given school district?

Our community of online tutors numbers in the thousands and BookNook’s technology infrastructure is highly scalable thanks to our partnerships with over 200 school districts and nonprofits across 35 states. We can provide remote tutoring programs for as few as 100 students, and as many as 50,000.

When can you offer tutoring?

Tutoring can take place any day of the week. BookNook can provide tutoring at school or can coordinate with families to conduct tutoring at home.

What if I have my own local tutors I want to have delivering instruction?

BookNook has extensive experience providing software and training to all manner of reading tutors, whether teacher/interventionist, paraprofessional, or community volunteer. In these instances, our local partner school district or nonprofit typically coordinates the program, with BookNook playing a supporting role in providing access to our online synchronous instruction platform.

What is the fee structure?

Costs range based on the number of sessions and whether instruction is one-on-one or small group. At the low end, we can provide tutoring for under $300 per student. Please contact us for a quote.

How do I know it’s safe?

We take student safety extremely seriously. Tutors have been subject to a criminal background check. Also, we institute a number of other safety protocols, including hiding students’ personal information (tutors only know their students’ first name and last initial), recording every tutoring session automatically subject to the consent of the parents/students, and working with families to ensure an adult is in the room while tutoring takes place for home-based programs.

How long do I commit to?

Programs typically range from 12-24 weeks, and can be extended longer.

“I LOVE BookNook! The sessions are the highlight of his school week!
He typically does NOT like to read at all during his classes. In fact, he struggles with reading and he will tell you that Reading is his least favorite subject. To my surprise, he is eager to attend his BookNook tutoring sessions. He actually reminds me that it is time for him to log on.”

— Yolanda Brown, Parent, Prince George’s County Public Schools