WCCUSD After School Online Literacy Program

Through funding in the District Expanded Learning Office, WCCUSD will bring BookNook to your school site for the 2020-2021 School Year!

How it works…

– Staff use the BookNook app to work with students in 1-1 or small group sessions to develop literacy skills.

– App Reading Guides can be after school program teachers, paraprofessionals, or volunteers.

– Devices pair for synchronous learning remotely or in-person.

– Lessons take 30 minutes.

What will be expected of your school…

– Identify the population of students at your site that will participate in the program.

– Connect with your After School Program Leader to help get them onboard

– Communicate opportunity to families. 

– Strategize and coordinate scheduling of services with families and staff.

–  After School Program Leader will attend regularly scheduled check-ins with BookNook support staff to review program progress.


What you can expect…

– After School Program staff and volunteer training on the BookNook literacy platform. This will include administrator training, student profile alignment, and implementation training.

– Monthly check-ins with BookNook support team to review data and best practices.

– Continuous BookNook tech support for all users.


Our Partners say…

“BookNook was the perfect solution at the right time! We scrambled to plan for remote learning, and small group instruction was on a back burner. 

We used BookNook in our summer program and can’t wait for everyone to dive in this fall—regardless of our model.”

                                                  – Groton Dunstable School District

I enjoyed the structure of the program, the flexibility for teachers to change lessons at their discretion, and for the opportunity for interaction with the students. It had a wide variety of books on many different skill levels and I think it will be helpful to the students as they prepare for virtual learning in the fall.

-Leandra Morgan

Elementary School Teacher, Shelby County Schools


What I loved most about BookNook is its user-friendly interface for teachers and students. There was no guesswork, as I did not have to worry whether our On-site or Remote Learning Guides time used wisely. The lessons kept both the guides and students engaged.

-Keondralayer Estell

Reading Program Developer, AmeriCorps Vista







“Student Engagement in the Age of COVID-19: Reimagining the Possibilities”  

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Smart Strategies for Guided Reading, Remotely or In Person 

Teachers who work with early readers know that these students need lots of encouragement, support, and feedback as their skills develop. A balanced literacy program includes opportunities for that type of engagement through quality whole group teaching, in small groups, and with individual reading support.  Small group literacy instruction is a crucial component of this balanced approach because it gives students a low risk environment to practice and apply new skills. Teaching small groups and guided reading isn’t as easy, though, for teachers who are teaching fully remote or hybrid.  On top of the challenge of supporting these emergent readers from a distance, the reading opportunity gap continues to widen because of the lack of access and the decrease in face-to-face interactions.

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Since Labor Day, BookNook students have logged more than 45,000 sessions of guided reading, reading intervention, and tutoring on our platform, and we couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work they’ve put in–and the resourcefulness we’ve seen from schools and nonprofits as they navigate distance learning.

Creating a Literacy Rich Learning Environment Remotely

Recognizing reading and writing in everyday life helps children develop critical literacy skills.  In a literacy rich classroom environment, those examples are everywhere.  Children may, in fact, practice and build skills without even knowing it as they sing rhyming songs or enjoy a read aloud.  Providing access to a variety of writing materials, books, and print, also encourages kids to engage with reading and writing naturally.

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Prince George’s County Public Schools teams up with BookNook to launch PGCPS READS, an innovative community tutoring initiative, will help students strengthen literacy skills during virtual learning.

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Check out BookNook - an reading application that Teachers and Paras are using to read with their students remotely - offered at no cost during the COVID-19 Shutdowns I grew up wanting to be a teacher. At an early age, I played ‘school’ with my chalkboard easel...

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WCCUSD Principals BookNook Program Application